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Zen Artist Zo offers Wabi Sabi art works, Prayers for the Earth 

Wabi Sabi means imperfect, worn, with the patina of life or in the process of decay that is often beautiful, rich with texture and natural color changes.

​Educated in Fine Arts at the college level beginning at age 15, then continuing on a way-finding zig zag path, developing as an artist while single parenting, working with victims of abuse and helping new parents as a Doula, Zo persevered. The work unfolded naturally toward Wabi Sabi while Zen practice became more important and eventually became central.

Natural and recycled materials in the artists works echo an early life experience in a family living mostly from hunting, gathering, growing food, sewing and bee keeping. This way of life would be seen as poverty by many but this artist carries the experience as wealth in her stories, poetry and Wabi Sabi art.

I recently returned to Santa Cruz from an urban temple in San Francisco where I lived in 2018-19.
I use public transportation by choice, trains and shared rides, walking whenever possible for errands and exercise. I love not having a car and I think gratitude for basic well being and sharing is the key to happiness. I’m a poet and author of a personal growth workbook called Writing Our way Through Life. 

I am also a female Zen priest, ordained last February, given the Zen name Zo. I keep minimal possessions and love to cook experimental vegetarian food for my friends. I lead a Zen retreat once per year and work on my poetry, painting and book projects at home. I like a portion of my art to help worthy causes and enjoy volunteering to support homeless mothers and their children. I am a native of California from the Sierras near Yosemite and have lived most of my life here in the Bay Area.